Inartia Hidden Quests

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Inartia Hidden Quests

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Near West of Karnota Brewery, there is a destroyed Red Tent, search it to get Product Package for quest.
Blood-Stained Package
The Missing Statue
A Tree Hidden in the Forest

Head out South of Arpati's entrance, move abit to southeast where a Swift Fernscale Dragon is digging, infront of it is a Mug-looking object, pick up Dragonic Glass for quest.
Dragonic Glass
Scent of Fruit
A Charming Taste

Head out North of Arpati's entrance, near the bridge IN the water near the Public Event "Tangled Web", open a sunken treasure chest to get Hidden Treasure Chest for quest.
Sleeping at the Bottom of the Lake
It's inside the spider-infested cave...

Head out North of Arpati's entrance, along the pathway to Arjak Caves, there is a graveyard east of the map with coffin and tombstone, pick up Red-looking Exquisite Backpack on the ground for quest.
Return to the Owner
Give me back my Perfume

(REQ Lv71) From Cinderstone Village south entrance, head south all the way to a cliff, find NPC Naaruxi (man lying on the ground) and speak to him for quest.
Frozen Traveller
Life-sustaining fire
Naru Alexis' backpack
Craft Aparti Pouch
Escape the Ice Giants' Encirclement

(REQ Lv72) Near abit east of Naru Alexis (Naaruxi), there is a buried Giant, on it is a Mug-looking object, pick up Dragonic Glass for quest.
Dragonic Glass
A Spicy Taste
The Taste of Passion

(REQ Lv72) Go to the Largest building Northwest of Cinderstone Village and hear about the Princess'NPC Selena Thalos drinking problems, NPC Doreen Sauran under the building 1st floor will pop up a "!" for quest.
Princess' Sleepless Night (NOTE: Heart Tear Drop can only be picked at night)
Complete The Ritual

Kill Cold Valley Spider north of Cinderstone Village to drop Numbered Spider Shell(x4) for quest.
Take a Number
Getting a Jump

(REQ Lv74) After 2 Draconic Glass Quest, Near the camp of the Bridge of Dragon Skeleton Gorge, Talk to NPC Windelle for quest conversion.
Affection As Warm As the Evening Sun
Love as Deep as the Sea
Warm Spring Blessings
Forever In Love

(REQ Lv74) At Cinderstone Altar before the bridge Northward Adra Highlands, there is a blue tent, pick up the Urn-looking Damaged Ceremonial Object on the ground for quest.
The Whispering Ceremonial Object
Cold Valley Spider Silk
Lost Soul
Protect the Dragon God Relics

(REQ Lv76) Kill Steelsnarl Werewolves at Wyvern Maw to drop Mysterious Letter for quest.
Mysterious Letter
Key of the Wolfmen
Herbal Candy Recipe
The Price For Stealing the Recip

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